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What are some of the areas of making a recording?

  • Selecting a producer
  • Song selection
  • Vocal coaching
  • Vocal arrangements
  • Background vocals
  • Custom instrumental tracks
  • Custom/original songs
  • The right studio and engineer
  • CD jacket cover design and layout
  • Copyright permissions
  • Mechanical royalty arrangements
  • Acoustic specialty instruments

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custom productions

Heavenly Places Music is pleased to announce two of its latest releases "For Heaven's Sake" and "For Heaven's Sake, Take Two", produced by C. Denise Young. The first release is a double CD featuring 14 songs sung by Jesse Anne Lipscomb, family, and friends, and includes testimonies by Mat and Cindy Lipscomb. The second take recaptures the worship and emotion of the first take, with added songs to the track list. Both recordings were done in memory of Rainey Elizabeth and Lacey Anne Lipscomb, who went home to be with our Lord on March 15, 1999, as a result of an Amtrack train accident.

It is our prayer that this recording will bring to you the Good News of eternal life in our Savior Jesus Christ ... For Heaven's Sake!

The following recordings - For Heaven's Sake and For Heaven's Sake, Take Two - are examples of custom productions by Heavenly Places Music.



  1. What Will Heaven Be Like?
  2. Borrowed Angels
  3. Forever Home
  4. It is Well With My Soul
  5. Holy Ground
  6. Touched By Angels
  7. For Heaven's Sake
  8. When I Get Carried Away
  9. This World Is Not My Home
  10. The Love Of Christ
  11. One Wrong Turn
  12. Grace Medley
  13. Invitation Medley
  14. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  15. I Bowed On My Knees
  16. I Can Only Imagine

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  1. What Will Heaven Be Like?
  2. Holy Ground
  3. Rainey, Lacey
  4. Forever Home
  5. I Bowed on My Knees
  6. The Touch of Angels
  7. Grace Medley
  8. It is Well With My Soul
  9. This World is Not My Home
  10. Feelin' Mighty Fine
  11. For Heaven's Sake
  12. One Wrong Turn
  13. Invitation Medley
  14. I Can Only Imagine

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For Heaven's Sake (2-CD set)                $10.00
For Heaven's Sake - Take Two (2-CD set)                $10.00



The Lipscomb's touching story was featured in the article listed below.

The following article appeared in the DeSoto Times Newspaper, Friday, January 3, 2003:

Nine-year-old's CD a tribute to siblings lost in 1999 train accident

LAKE CORMORANT - She can sing like an angel, and Jesse Anne Lipscomb is hoping her song can be heard as far away as heaven.

One of the fondest wishes the 9-year-old wants is for her two sisters, Rainey Elizabeth and Lacey Ann, to be able to hear her new compact disc recording, "For Heaven's Sake," which is a tribute to them and all those who have suffered the pain and loss of loved ones.

Jesse Anne's siblings died in a March 15, 1999, Amtrak train accident in Bourbonnais, Ill., en route from a doll collector's show in Chicago. June Bonnin, the co-founder of the Bonne Terre Country Inn and Cafe in Nesbit, also died along with her granddaughter Jessica Whitaker.

"We want people who hear this who might have lost someone they loved to listen to these songs to help them," said Jesse Anne, who recorded the CD along with the Colonial Hills Church praise team and California recording artists the Denton Brothers, the Hooker Family and others.

Ashley Bonnin, who lost part of her leg in the train accident, sings on the CD as well, along with local singing star Ashley Wieronski.

Jesse Anne's mother, Cindy Lipscomb, said the CDs, which are an offshoot of the ministry and testimony that she and husband Mat give across the country, arrived two days before Christ-mas.

"It was a great Christmas present," said Mrs. Lipscomb, the co-founder of the DeSoto Youth Theatre. The CDs will also be featured at May Rising Bookstore in Oak Court Mall in Memphis, Colonial Hills Church and through the Lipscomb's Web site.

Lipscomb said that since the accident she and her husband Mat have been called upon to share their testimony and faith in the face of such a devastating tragedy.

"We wanted to involve Jesse Anne, and so we decided to go about it by contacting a friend of ours, Denise Young in Florida, to write a song," Mrs. Lipscomb said.

Young penned the song "What Will Heaven Be Like?" and Jesse Anne recorded the song on March 15, 2002, the third anniversary of the train accident. That recording session evolved into a 14-song set CD and a testimonial by Cindy and Mat Lipscomb.

"It's a tribute to her sisters and although it's in loving memory of Lacey and Rainey, it's about heaven and what it will be like," Mrs. Lipscomb said. "One of the reasons that we decided to do the CD was that we think about all the children who lost parents and children on Sept. 11. There were many children who suffered loss so Denise suggested that we call it 'The Heaven Project.' "

Mrs. Lipscomb said the CDs are being sent to New York Firefighters in hopes that her family's testimony in song and testimony will be able to help families there cope with grief.

Four years after the accident, Mrs. Lipscomb is determined as ever to help people realize what really matters most in life, she said.

"I think people get caught up living in the now and it's our unfortunate nature to do that," she said.

"When you experience a great tragedy you are likely to stop and say that some things are not as important as other things," Mrs. Lipscomb said. "We have a tendency to worry about things which don't make an eternal difference."

Mrs. Lipscomb said she and husband Mat have been able to channel their grief into a positive message. Recently at a Christian Business Luncheon in Michigan where the Lipscomb's spoke, 41 individuals came forward and took personal vows as Christians.

"It does make me feel like there is a sense of fulfillment," she said. "It makes me feel better in that I have helped someone closer to the Lord."

ROBERT LEE LONG/Community Editor

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