Shepherd's Heart Ministries is available for your special meeting. We have conducted fill-in services, revivals, praise and worship/technical training services for many congregations. Even our praise and worship band can be available for selected services as the need arises!

If we can assist your congregation, please contact us.

Worship Service Seminars

Shepherd's Heart Ministries has been committed to helping the Body of Christ mature its worship. We have helped start contemporary services for several traditional churches as well as helping other churches in technical department. We can help the worship team, choir, and/or sound techs to provide a solid basis for developing a seamless service in a local church.

Would you like help in training a technical staff? Does your worship team need some guidance? Does your worship leader need help in setting up a song service? We can help. We can come to your church and train your church's support staff.

Some of the topics that can be covered:

  1. The Role of the Worship Team in a service.
  2. The MINISTRY of the sound technician.
  3. How to make worship songs flow together.
  4. The purpose of your audio/video hardware.
  5. The arrangement of the platform.
  6. What makes a good mix.
  7. Re-wiring your booth and racks.
  8. Proper sound balance in your monitors.
  9. Getting the "hum" out.
  10. Proper microphone usage.
  11. Lighting placement.

If we can be of service to your congregation, send us an email.

For information and samples of our live prophetic music, please visit Prophetic Praise & Worship.

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